Innovative consumer insights for the Restaurant and CPG industies since 1997.




  • Restaurants
    • Polished Dining
    • Casual and Family Dining
    • Quick Service and Fast Food
  • Food Service
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Retail

Business Issues

  • Market Assessment/A&U Studies
  • Menu and Product Line Optimization
  • New Item Screening
  • Product Testing
  • Virtual Menu Testing (Menu Design and Layout, Pricing Strategy, Core Menu Changes)
  • Performance Tracking


  • Proprietary Virtual Menu Application
  • Trade-off Exercises: Discrete Choice, Max-Diff
  • Interactive measures
  • Text and Image Highlighter Tools
  • Qualitative Enhancement to Surveys
  • Eye Tracking


Principal = Dan Vandenberg

Dan founded consumer vision in 1997 after working as a corporate researcher for 13 years with General Mills, Kraft and Hallmark. He received his MBA from the University of Wisconsin in 1984.

Please contact us for more detail on any area of expertise, or any specific tool or technique, including our proprietary virtual menu application.



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